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Coastal Companies

Coastal Companies offers a variety of high-caliber services to meet the needs of your unique project. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing space or restore a prized historical building, our experts have the experience and means to make it happen. Specializing in large-scale renovation and remodeling projects throughout South and Central Florida, our team delivers on the promise of exceptional quality and superior results. Our legacy stems from our desire to provide expert-level services to our clientele by transforming spaces into masterpieces.

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Our family of brands encompasses a vast number of services to meet your needs. From high-rise structures, hotels, condominium associations and large condominium developments to hospitals and government facilities, Coastal Companies can create something remarkable. Coastal Companies utilizes its own employees on each project, rather than choosing to utilize subcontractors, ensuring that quality is held to the highest standards in the industry.

Learn more about our family of brands:

Coastal Contracting: Construction management, general contracting services, remodeling and repair.

Coastal Maintenance & Restoration: Restoration and maintenance of large commercial projects.


Coastal Companies has managed some of the most prominent and elite restoration projects in the industry. From storm-remediation of the historic Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg to the Ritz Carlton properties, the Marriott hotels and large-scale properties, such as the Laurentions, Pelican Isle and South Seas, Coastal Companies’ experienced team has worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the area. Frequently partnering with large contracting companies, such as PCL, the fifth largest contractor in the country, our professionals focus on the complete transformation of a space.

With top-level, respected professionals at the helm, Coastal Companies seeks to provide every client with the utmost attention to their project, ensuring that the final product is exceptional.

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